Michelle Heighway - Director, Mr Somebody? - Interview about Mr. Somebody?

07 April 14

Posted at 11:17

Interview with (me) Michelle Heighway - Director of Mr. Somebody?


Interview by NFTS Film Clinic Founder Lara Agnew.





I screened a taster clip of my documentary at the Google HQ in London, 26th March 2014. I made time for this interview before hand in my hotel room.

Really pleased with the feedback from the taster clip and looking forward to more press interviews and finding a place  on TV for Mr. Somebody?

Also very excited about finding  a place for my first premiere.. Currently sending to festivals and waiting for some one to love the story as much as I do!

Thanks for dropping by!

Have a lovely day!

Michelle Heighway

Director of Mr. Somebody?

A documentary Featuring Huddersfield's Great Eccentric Jake Mangle-Wurzel.