Mr. Somebody? Crowdfunding Via Indiegogo - Booklet Design Progress

08 April 15

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Booklet Cover concept indiegogo
Hi!   -  Exciting - Progress!  -   Little look at our front page booklet cover concept . The booklet compliments the DVD release!


Please spread the word that people can contribute or buy any other perks,  badges etc or even pre book the Limited Edition DVD below , which helps make it happen for independent film!


Help towards the making of the 1st Limited Edition Indie Documentary Release in #Huddersfield, West Yorkshire - Be part of the indie journey!

Huddersfield's Great Eccentric Story to be released on DVD with 8 Page Photo Booklet #Crowdfunding

Mr. Somebody? "Oscillating wildly from mad to insightful, Mangle-Wurzel carves a inspirational yet lonely figure of boundless imagination". Sunshine Wong - Sheffield Doc Fest 2014


Thanks to Dominika Halas for the design!!!


DVDs will be posted out at the end of April 2015.


Currently at 55 % of the goal thanks to everyone spreading the word via facebook/twitter etc!

Thanks again!


Michelle - Director of Mr. Somebody?


(Please note the perk for a name credit has now been removed due to booklet proof in progress)


Mr. Somebody? DVD Cover Limited Edition