Mr. Somebody? Featuring Jake Mangle-Wurzel and NFTS Film Clinic Update

14 July 13

Posted at 12:31


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I am very happy to announce that I am working very closely with the NFTS Film Clinic.  

It has been great to have NFTS Film Clinic Founder Lara Agnew to guide me through the edit structure and  providing me with editing and post-production facilities!


More about the NFTS Film Clinic below:





The NFTS is second to none. Producing a host of award winning students and graduates, and many of the UK's most noted contemporary auteurs as well as commercial filmmakers. It operates from its own historic studios running more specialist MA's than any other film school in the world.


Links below:


NFTS Website


Big shout out to the Sheffield Documentary Festival , Gary Tarn and Gideon Gold for providing networking opportunities that enabled this collaboration and to Lara Agnew for believing in the project!


Finally after 5 years and 50 hours of footage we are almost complete!


Michelle Heighway    : )


Director of Mr. Somebody?