Video Response Questions

29 April 11

Posted at 6:16


Hello from Wurzel Land, there have been a few questions for Jake Mangle-Wurzel via the facebook site.

If anyone else has any questions for Jake Mangle-Wurzel please keep sending them in via e-mail messages on our facebook page below:


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Jake Mangle-Wurzel will then respond to a small selection as a video response.

Speak soon!

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Intro Blog

23 April 11

Posted at 9:22



Hi there, so here goes.....My first blog!

After attending a very useful workshop for independent filmmakers called Seize the Future,

organised by The Sheffield Doc Fest. I was inspired by lots of new ideas and ways to create

a buzz about my character driven documentary.


So far I have been following Jake Mangle-Wurzel for three years; totally unfunded!

Using Mini DV tapes, super 8, and archived VHS tapes; I have so far managed

to gain 45 hours of footage. After the workshop advise; I decided to act fast and

get this site up and running!


During the three years of making this documentary I hadn’t really told any one

about it!,  I now feel it is the time to share it with an audience via the Internet and

then when it’s finally completed I will hopefully have a group of people who  are actually looking

forward to watching the end product!


And more importantly people will know that it exists!!!


This site will have written  blogs from my self and even Jake Mangle- Wurzel

(using video blogs), this will give the viewers a chance to

chat and respond to Jakes messages .


The completed documentary will enable you to find out about this very misunderstood



Jake is a well-known in my hometown. He is seen as strange, he has a very unusual life style .

His characteristics label him as an eccentric.


"Eccentricity is often associated with genius, intellectual giftedness, or creativity.

The individual's eccentric behaviour is perceived to be the outward expression of their unique intelligence or creative impulse."

For more info on Eccentricity check the link below: 


I wanted to find out how and why Jake became this odd character. I wanted to experience his

living arrangements; hobbies and thoughts very closely. Over the past three years

that is exactly what I have done.

I cannot wait share the eventful highs and lows with you all!

Many thanks for reading!
Michelle Heighway

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