Mr. Somebody? A documentary featuring Jake Mangle-Wurzel @ The Lawrence Batley Theatre - April 2015

27 April 15

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Thank you to everyone for attending Mr. Somebody? , A documentary featuring Jake Mangle-Wurzel -  Double sell out! @ The Lawrence Batley Theatre.



I really appreciate your support.

Michelle Heighway  - Director of Mr. Somebody?

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Mr. Somebody? Lawrence Batley Theatre


Mr. Somebody? Lawrence Batley Theatre


Mr. Somebody? Lawrence Batley Theatre


Mr. Somebody? Lawrence Batley Theatre


Mr. Somebody? Lawrence Batley Theatre


Mr. Somebody? Lawrence Batley Theatre



 I would like to apologise for the issues that were caused at the Q & A.   I hope it not not spoil your perception of the film.

 After 5 years in the making , I have released a small quantity of limited edition dvds. Thank you to the help of everyone via indiegogo.


We reached 83 % of the goal, as a community and I am for ever grateful of that! thank you!  I AM POSTING ALL THE DVDS OUT TO YOU ALL NOW!, YEY : )




crowdfunding project complete


If anyone else would like to purchase the DVD  (I have independently released a limited amount of copies), it is currently on my alternative site here until I prepare for it to be added to

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Thank you for dropping by and for your support over this very long filmmaking journey! (Start to finish 2008-2015)

Hope you all enjoyed the little goodies I placed on a small selection of seats for you at the theatre on Friday! - (badges and posters to say thank you!)


Thank you to Tangerine Event Photography for the images above.




Mr. Somebody?
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Michelle Heighway’s “Mr. Somebody” Paints A Melancholic Picture Of A Self-Styled Eccentric


Michelle Heighway’s five-year journey with West Yorkshire “eccentric” Jake Mangel-Wurzel culminates in her debut feature documentary which paints a melancholic picture of a larger-than-life man’s fading limelight…


Mr. Somebody director Michelle Heighway’s camera lingers on her subject’s past: the trinkets, souvenirs and keepsakes that maintain his fading grip on his own history. Sleeping on a bed of old newspapers and a pillow of dictionaries, Jake Mangel-Wurzel, the self-styled “king of the eccentrics”, finds his trash-filled home propped up on a foundation of cigarette butts glued together by his own phlegm. It is little wonder that he lives an isolated existence on the edge of the Pennines in a small West Yorkshire town. Indeed, hoarding his own urine in plastic containers and freely admitting to both eating out of, and defecating into, his cooking pans, Mangel-Wurzel paints his own unique picture of human depreciation.

What makes Heighway’s film so fascinating is how this man’s relationship isolation shirks loneliness to the point where the King of the Eccentrics has found happiness in life by wilfully stripping his existence of the conventions that traditionally govern us. While it is difficult to understand his motivation, aside from the hints of manic depression and obsessive compulsive behaviours leading us to an unfair medical diagnosis, it is clear he has found a niche that helps him deal with, and overcome, life’s traumas.

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#note for any independent filmmakers looking to crowdfund check out this excellent book Crowdfunding for Filmmaker by John Trigonis!  It really helped me prepare for this campaign.

  Crowdfunding for Filmmakers: The Way to a Successful Film Campaign

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Mr. Somebody? Crowdfunding Via Indiegogo - Booklet Design Progress

08 April 15

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Booklet Cover concept indiegogo
Hi!   -  Exciting - Progress!  -   Little look at our front page booklet cover concept . The booklet compliments the DVD release!


Please spread the word that people can contribute or buy any other perks,  badges etc or even pre book the Limited Edition DVD below , which helps make it happen for independent film!


Help towards the making of the 1st Limited Edition Indie Documentary Release in #Huddersfield, West Yorkshire - Be part of the indie journey!

Huddersfield's Great Eccentric Story to be released on DVD with 8 Page Photo Booklet #Crowdfunding

Mr. Somebody? "Oscillating wildly from mad to insightful, Mangle-Wurzel carves a inspirational yet lonely figure of boundless imagination". Sunshine Wong - Sheffield Doc Fest 2014


Thanks to Dominika Halas for the design!!!


DVDs will be posted out at the end of April 2015.


Currently at 55 % of the goal thanks to everyone spreading the word via facebook/twitter etc!

Thanks again!


Michelle - Director of Mr. Somebody?


(Please note the perk for a name credit has now been removed due to booklet proof in progress)


Mr. Somebody? DVD Cover Limited Edition