Mr. Somebody? is set to reach canadian audiences - to be included in Hotdocs International Markets.

27 March 15

Posted at 9:35

the doc shop - hot docs 2015


"I am pleased to announce that Mr. Somebody?  is set to reach canadian audiences! To be  included in Hotdocs International Markets. The two markets  are Hotdocs onsite industry viewing facility, The Festival Doc Shop, and their year-round online industry screening site, The Doc Shop Online. Be sure to check  out our  home-grown independent documentary at the viewing station booths at the festival "


The Hotdocs markets offer 2000 + titles to over 600 distributors, programmers, commissioning editors, broadcasters and buyers. During the 2014 Festival, Hotdocs users viewed over 10,000 unique screenings in a ten-day period.


  "Mr. Somebody? A Humorous Yet Occasionally Deeply Moving Home-Grown Tale". Bring the Noise

"The highly eccentric Huddersfield resident Jake Mangle Wurzel is the subject of Mr Somebody?, a compelling portrait of his unforgettably oddball lifestyle". Leeds international Film Festival


 Mr. Somebody? DVD Cover Limited Edition


 Mr. Somebody? is currenty Crowfunding via INDIEGOGO for a independent DVD Release with support of the local community and doc lovers  far and wide!

 DVDs and other goodies can be pre booked here!



Mr. Somebody? is also set to screen in Huddersfield 24 April, pre book your tickets here (only 45 left) :


Mr. Somebody? - Screening @ The Lawrence Batley Theatre - April 2015