Mr. Somebody? Premiere @ Sheffield International Documentary Festival 2014

08 May 14

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I am very excited to announce that we will be screening at the Show Room Work Station Cinema as part of the Sheffield Doc/Fest 2014!A festival that has been a hub of knowledge for me.

(For any one who comes by train , the cinema is just across the road from the train station!!


Premiere @Sheffield Doc Fest 2014 


Mr. Somebody?  Premiere @ Sheffield International Documentary Festival 2014

DATES :  Saturday JUNE 7th 10:45am

Q and A with Jake Mangle-Wurzel  (Huddersfield's Great Eccentric) and Michelle Heighway (Director)



Thursday JUNE 12th 15.30pm. Michelle and Jake will attend the event also.



Sheffield Doc/Fest, short for Sheffield International Documentary Festival ( SIDF)

The festival includes screenings, an industry conference, a marketplace for the funding and distribution of films, and awards. It also covers digital and interactive projects.

In 2013 Doc/Fest was voted one of the Top Five Coolest Documentary Film Festivals in the World. [4]


Thankyou  so much to Sunshine Wong for a lovely write up!!!  Michelle  and Jake  :  )





Michelle Heighway - Director, Mr Somebody? - Interview about Mr. Somebody?

07 April 14

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Interview with (me) Michelle Heighway - Director of Mr. Somebody?


Interview by NFTS Film Clinic Founder Lara Agnew.


I screened a taster clip of my documentary at the Google HQ in London, 26th March 2014. I made time for this interview before hand in my hotel room.

Really pleased with the feedback from the taster clip and looking forward to more press interviews and finding a place  on TV for Mr. Somebody?

Also very excited about finding  a place for my first premiere.. Currently sending to festivals and waiting for some one to love the story as much as I do!

Thanks for dropping by!

Have a lovely day!

Michelle Heighway

Director of Mr. Somebody?

A documentary Featuring Huddersfield's Great Eccentric Jake Mangle-Wurzel.


Screening of Highlights from Five NFTS Film Clinic Documentaries

26 March 14

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(Jake Mangle-Wurzel, Mr. Somebody? - Photo by


Director Michelle Heighway Attended Google UK, London 26th March to celebrate the 5 films selected for the NFTS Film Clinic.



(Photo by Michelle Heighway)



Mr.  Somebody? was selected out of 100 entries for completion funding by Founder of the NFTS Film Clinic -  Lara Agnew.



A short teaser clip of Mr. Somebody? was screened and had some very postive feedback and interest!




(Lara Agnew - Photo by Michelle Heighway)








(Photo by Michelle Heighway)

Guest Speaker  ACADEMY AWARD-WINNING PRODUCER Simon Chinn and Dick Fontaine, NFTS Head of Documentaries .



More info here:


"The NFTS Film Clinic selected five films from 100 applicants. Lara Agnew, NFTS Film Clinic founder and director said the experience of working with the directors had been inspiring: “When the film makers applied to us some of them had been filming for many years, often working in isolation in their bedrooms on their personal computers trying to craft many hours of footage into a narrative. “Working with such dedicated, unpaid, under-resourced film-makers who are driven by a passion to tell stories has been inspiring. I believe this kind of filmmaking will be a source of great work in the future. It is exciting that the accessibility of film technology and the internet are encouraging new methods of filmmaking and distribution.” "

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Final Edit Blog

27 February 14

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Really excited to see the final edit of  'Mr. Somebody?' come together.




Just  a few  more grade and sound adjustments  by   Sound EditorPeter Warnock and Roni Rodrigues  - VFX Digital Compositor.




Thanks to Matthew Littlewood for the final piece of music and to Andrew McKee for  assisting with the final touches.


Big thanks to the NFTS Film Clinic Team!

We submitted to 2 festivals this month!

Wish us luck


Michelle Heighway

Mr. Somebody?