Mr. Somebody? Selected to Screen at The 28th Leeds International Film Festival 2014

04 October 14

Posted at 12:16

Mr. Somebody?




The 28th Leeds International Film Festival Poster 2014

If you would like to book at ticket in advance please call 0113 224 3801

Michelle Heighway's Documentary / 6 year Passion Project about Huddersfield's Great Eccentric Jake Mangle-Wurzel has been selected for The 28th Leeds International Film Festival, It has been selected for the Cinema Versa Section.


We hope to see you there!

Cinema Versa is dedicated to the documentary form and inspired by the underground festival aesthetic, showcasing independent features and profiles of mavericks and outsiders.

The documentary is set to screen:

Wednesday 21:00 Albert Room  at Leeds Town Hall. Which holds 120 people.
If the documentary gets lots of audience votes it may have a 2nd screening towards the end of the festival!!!

A handful of free tickets will be given away on the Mr. Somebody? Facebook page soon!

"Mr Somebody? is a very humorous yet occasionally deeply moving home-grown tale". Bring the Noise

Nestled amongst his hoard of papers, photos, and random objects, the “oddest man in Britain” Jake Mangle-Wurzel describes with great lucidity his obsession with never throwing anything away. “A lot of it is humour but a lot of it is philosophical,” he muses. After his wife and daughter left him some forty years ago, he vowed to spend the rest of his days as a professional lunatic. His small Huddersfield cottage became a den for an unfettered, inventive whimsy, featuring an outdoor tub and a “tab end” sculpture made with an especially unusual adhesive (and it’s not what you think). Oscillating wildly from mad to insightful, Mangle-Wurzel carves a inspirational yet lonely figure of boundless imagination. Yorkshire filmmaker Michelle Heighway chronicles the committed eccentric’s highs and lows over a period of five years that includes a council-ordered clean up and a devastating fire. As the film bears witness, their mutual fondness develops into trust and a genuine friendship that extends well beyond the frame.

Sunshine Wong