Spike Milligan Meets the Eccentrics 1989

15 July 14

Posted at 1:37


It was great to finally speak with  Dr. David Weekes  Programme Consultant of Spike Milligan Meets the Eccentrics today !
David Weekes worked with Jake Mangle-Wurzel on:
 Spike Milligan Meets the Eccentrics way back in 1989, it's great to capture content from this experience ...
I am still looking to chat with producer  Adrian Hilliard  who made the documentary independently  (way back in 89) like  I did  more recently with "Mr. Somebody?" my self.

For any one  that is in to eccentricity -  as well as seeing Mr. Somebody? of course ; should check out  Spike Milligan Meets the Eccentrics
(A Starship Production 1989), It is very rare and can only be occasionally found on Ebay/Amazon...
So Big shout out to ADRIAN HILLIARD ! I would love to discuss so much with you... Many thanks Michelle Heighway -Director of Mr. Somebody?

    (Mr. Somebody? - The Documentary - Official Twitter Feed)